College essay writing is much more complicated than it looks. It requires skill, research, and talent to get the perfect essay done. But, with all the work students need to do, it can be pretty difficult to learn the right skills in time to turn in essays. This is why students go to search for an appropriate college essay format most of the time.

Best tips on how to write a college level essay

When it comes to writing essays, there are a lot of tips you can use to learn how to format a college essay. For starters, you can:

1. Read the essay question properly

One of the major issues with most students is not understanding the assignment question. You need to take time to read through the question and browse all about it.

2. Research the best college essay heading

For essays, it can be pretty difficult to figure out a topic that works. However, you can find appropriate topics online by using search engines, and journals and even asking senior colleagues for tips.

3. Stick to the college essay word count

Instructors are pretty strict with the word count in college essays. It is important to always stick to the appropriate word count and ensure that you don’t exceed it.

Once your word count is specified, you have answers to questions like how long should a college essay be, when should I conclude my essay, etc. Always strive to not exceed your word count by more than 10 words.

4. Know how to start a college essay

Starting a College essay requires a valid introduction that is related to the topic and is also informative enough to urge people to read further. These essays need to be simple, concise, and understandable.

5. Compile your sources properly

It is important to properly reference any sources you use. So while writing, you need to ensure that you gather your sources properly.

6. Organize the essay

Organization is one of the most effective ways to ensure your essay is well-written. You can organize by outlining the structure of the essay, and by creating sections like subheaders, bullet points, etc. It also involves gathering and collating relevant data that will be used for your essay.

7. Proposal writing

Depending on the nature of the essay, you might be required to prepare a proposal. A proposal is more or less a detailed version of your college essay outline. The easiest way to prepare one is by adding a short summary of each chapter to the outlined structure you’ve already prepared.

8. Appearance: what should a college essay look like

A college essay is a structured document that needs to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Its introduction must include a problem statement, relevant objectives, and referenced data. Furthermore, it must contain a literature review which is a culmination of related data already written by other people. Finally, it needs a methodology and a summary, and a conclusion.

9. Brainstorming

Brainstorming means throwing around different ideas on how to approach a topic. It involves using data from different research and organizing it so that you can select the best choice. In essay writing, brainstorming is a great way to find a unique approach to an essay and leverage it.

10. Preparing multiple drafts

You can get many ideas from brainstorming, but only one is required. So, you can prepare different drafts and then read through each one to decide the best outline and content to follow.

Some other tips for writing a great college essay include:

  1. Get assistance from colleagues.
  2. Ensure that your introduction is factual and catchy.
  3. Make sure your body is free from fluff.


Most college essays are a pretty big deal and so, depending on the grade attached to the essay, you can either write it yourself or outsource it to skilled professionals. When you outsource, it is always very important to read and understand the content.